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Excellence, Especially When Managing an Association

Associations are a very particular type of organization

There are approximately 2,300 associations based in Brussels, most of them with a European or a global membership and it was great to reengage with old friends and colleagues during the Brussels International Associations Forum a couple of weeks ago (at the time of writing).

Common challenges, like talent management, diversity and leadership were brought to the table and discussed both during the sessions and the coffee breaks. It became rapidly clear that the association community went through a thorough transformation process over the last two years. 

Research done by PCMA at the start of the pandemic found that given the focus of the COVID-19 impact on face-to-face/in-person meetings, any association without reserves equal to or greater than anticipated meetings income could be designated as at-risk. So, a lot of associations needed to move fast and navigate through uncharted territories. 

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