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How Association Professionals Can Win With Social Media Today

Know how to leverage various platforms to better communicate

As an association professional, you are uniquely positioned to bring an authoritative, authentic voice to your organization. Today’s audiences want to hear from real people, not faceless corporations. Also keep in mind that the social landscape has shifted seismically throughout the pandemic. So whether you’re drafting your first ever strategy or are dusting one off from pre-pandemic times, here are some new fundamentals you need to keep in mind:

Social media users are savvy. Consumption is high and platforms are crowded, so you can’t expect to stand out with mediocre content and minimal effort. Your voice needs to be consistent and transparent, and your content needs to teach, inspire or entertain.

Social issues are top of mind. The pandemic shifted perspectives and opened conversations. Organizations and leaders can no longer choose silence. When your beliefs and policies are out in the open, you’ll ultimately end up welcoming in a community of steadfast followers.

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