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Building Your Hybrid Workplace Toolkit, Day 2

Review Your Timing

This is Day 2 of ASAE's five-day exercise to build your hybrid workplace toolkit. Day 1 was about building a travel kit for hybrid work. Stay tuned for three additional exercises.

Now that you'll be splitting your days between remote and in-office work, it's time to start thinking again about your commute. Been a while, huh? Though the world is dipping back into a certain level of normalcy, transit schedules aren't necessarily back to normal, and traffic patterns have changed—not to mention the higher cost of gas right now, making driving less appealing than bicycling and public transportation. If you don't prepare for these changes, you might find yourself routinely late for work and, despite good intentions, with a bad reputation among coworkers.

On top of this, the little things that were once standard—connecting to Wi-Fi, or gaining entry to your office—may now take up time. You’ll probably benefit from building in more time in the mornings than you previously did.

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