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2022 Summer Social Innovation Reading List

Some suggested summer reading

Need material for your summer road trip or weekend at the beach? Check out these books, articles and podcasts that explore mission-centered leadership, leveraging social purpose to survive a crisis, the history of the US nonprofit sector, the importance of well-being to social change and more.

Rebalance: How Women Lead, Parent, Partner and Thrive by Monica Brand Engel, Lisa Neuberger Fernandez, and Wendy Jagerson Teleki

“We wrote Rebalance in the depths of the pandemic, at a time of massive change and deep reflection. We wanted to explore what it takes to thrive full-circle in all aspects of our lives: as purpose-driven leaders, parents, partners, and citizens.”

The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-centered in an Automated World by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine

“Grabbing software off-the-shelf that is ‘smart’ may look like a technical decision; at its heart it is a deeply and profoundly human challenge that requires informed leadership to do well. There is a sweet spot of balancing the capability of the technology with the interests and needs of the people inside and outside that organizations need to identify.”

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