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How Apple Aims to Thwart NSO Spyware

It has deployed a new lockdown mode

For years, NSO Group's software has been used to track government officials, journalists and human rights activists, according to a consortium of journalists and Amnesty International.

This is despite the Israeli spyware firm’s assurances it only sells its spyware to the good guys—law enforcement agencies that use it to help catch criminals.

The spyware, called Pegasus, is complex. In short, it operates by taking advantage of zero-day, zero-click exploits on iPhones and Android phones. Zero-day exploits are exploits that are not known to the phone makers yet, and which often can be installed remotely on a target’s phone via a simple text message or other sent link, no user interaction required (thus, “zero-click”). Once Pegasus is installed, virtually everything a target does on the phone can be accessed and monitored by the NSO customer targeting the user.

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