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How to Manage the Middle-management Crisis

Make hierarchies smarter

These are challenging times for middle managers. Asked to take on more roles in both in-person and virtual environments, many have been eager for a change. A recent report on the problem by CNN cites a 2022 Gartner study, which found that about a quarter of mid-level leaders “feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities” and a similar percentage “don’t feel mentally engaged at work.”

So the same blues that are hitting the CEO’s office seem to be trickling down throughout organizations. Part of the problem, according to the CNN report, is that more middle managers are expected to be in the office and are feeling the pinch of less flexibility. And many are dealing with those issues while also being new to the job, slotted into positions after a spike in resignations. As Andrew Challenger, senior VP of outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas told CNN, “There’s not a lot of wisdom or experience they can get from [more tenured managers]. That is exhausting.”

One solution: Just get rid of the middle managers.

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