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Association Advocacy Needs a Plan in Election Year

The 2022 elections are going to impact your issues

With almost 7,000 state and federal seats up for election in 2022, there’s likely to be an impact on your association’s advocacy efforts. That’s why it’s important to create a communications and response plan around organizational issues that might arise during the election cycle.

It seems every major election has become a high-stakes showdown, and this year is no different. In Washington, control of Congress is once again up for grabs, and the outcome will affect the president’s agenda. At the state level, 46 will hold legislative elections and 36 will hold gubernatorial races, which could alter the policy landscape nationwide.

The takeaway for associations is clear: the 2022 elections are going to impact your issues. The question is what your organization plans to do about it. Smart leadership teams know that strategy and capabilities to elevate their voice are essential as voters go to the polls. Get out the vote (GOTV) and rapid response are two areas that make a meaningful difference.

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