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Five Lessons Learned from Working with Digital Influencers

It's time for associations to have digital influencers

While the digital influencer space is huge, many associations haven’t added influencers to their marketing and communications strategy yet. For those wondering how it could work for their group, the American Cleaning Institute shares takeaways from their experience.

The digital influencer space is quickly evolving and continuing to grow. It’s anticipated to be a $16.4 billion industry this year; 75 percent of brands said they intend to dedicate budget to influencer marketing. Yet, when polling association professionals at this year’s ASAE Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference, 81 percent reported that they hadn’t worked with a digital influencer. It's time for associations to get involved.

The American Cleaning Institute, with the help of BRG Communications, has developed, activated, and tracked the success of its digital influencer program over the last four years. Here are some of the top lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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