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AI Researcher Discusses the Power of the Connection Between Humans and Technology

AI won’t replace humans

When I started at university, my focus was fine art. But I took a computer science class as my science elective, and it was the most fun homework of any class I had. I found it was both something at which I was good and also something in which I was really interested. So, I ended up switching my degree.

And while some people might see fine art and computer science as opposites, I see many similarities. In computer science, we use creativity and problem-solving. Further, there are a lot of ways to correct problems; you can choose your own adventure and be creative and come up with different solutions—not just one. I've always been the kind of person who loves to make, build, and create, and those are infused in both fields.

Now, I teach computer science and psychology at the University of Alberta, with research focusing on natural language processing, machine learning, and neuroscience. Here’s how I think artificial intelligence can help us all unlock our highest potential right now and into the future.

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