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With 'NASFAA Gives Back' Program, Group Reinvests in its Members

NASFAA created a program to support members facing funding cuts

Over the course of the pandemic, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators provided so many valuable services and benefits that not only was its renewal rate high but new members joined in droves. Now, as its members struggle with post-pandemic issues like lack of funding for staff professional development, the group—which is financially healthy due, in part, to the membership surge—launched the NASFAA Gives Back program to support members.

“Coming out of the pandemic, a lot of our members, which are colleges and universities, are floundering, finding themselves in a much more difficult position,” said Justin Draeger, president and CEO of NASFAA. “We looked at our relative position and how we could provide a bridge for our members. The easiest, most direct way was to come up with a campaign that would put more dollars in their pockets to participate in professional development and training and give them some safety nets in terms of how much things would cost in the future.”

Under NASFAA Gives Back, each member institution is eligible for a $600 learning credit that can be used for NASFAA professional development, and member dues will not increase for the next two years. In addition, NASFAA is offering other benefits as part of the program, including creating a scholarship to support under-resourced institutions and rethinking their conference with community investment and affordable registration fees in mind.

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