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New 988 Mental Health Hotline Is Just the Beginning

NAMI says this is just the beginning of what's needed

If you're in a mental health crisis, the last thing you want to do is try to remember a 10-digit phone number, or worse, have to look up your local crisis hotline. That’s why the National Alliance on Mental Illness celebrated the recent federal rollout of the nationwide 988 mental health crisis hotline.

“We have needed something like this for a long time, but the pandemic certainly exacerbated the need,” said Hannah Wesolowski, NAMI chief advocacy officer. “We want to make sure that crisis care is accessible and easy for anyone who needs it. So, 988 can really be that one-stop shop in most states, rather than having to navigate a network of different crisis lines.”

While NAMI is pleased 988 is active, it says this is just the beginning of what’s needed.

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