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Poll Finds Americans Disheartened by Roe Reversal Are Less Inclined to Vote

Approximately 30 percent said abortion is a leading issues in their midterm vote

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the end of Roe v. Wade represents a “major loss of rights” for women, a Washington Post-Schar School pollfinds, but those who support abortion access are less certain they will vote this fall — a sign of the challenges facing Democrats who hope the issue will motivate their base in the midterms.

Fully 58 percent of the country supports a federal law establishing the right to an abortion before a fetus can survive outside the womb, the standard the Supreme Court enshrined for nearly 50 years and overturned last month. And almost a third of Americans say abortion will be one of the “single most important” issues shaping their midterm vote. That’s less than the 39 percent calling rising prices a top issue but higher than the 23 percent citing crime and 20 percent citing immigration.

Abortion's importance as a voting issue has increased from three years ago, when a WaPost-ABC poll found 14 percent saying it was one of the top factors in their presidential vote.

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