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Five Essentials for Developing Leaders Internally

Organizations need to cultivate successful leaders from within

As numerous Great Resignation-era articles will tell you, leaders are feeling increased pressure these days to hang on to their employees. Much of that stress revolves around remote work, but it can also involve retention challenges that predate the pandemic, like how to support and encourage leaders within your own ranks.

“Oftentimes, we’re very busy with what we’re doing, and we don’t always think enough about planning ahead and really committing to support people in their success,” said Shane Feldman, CAE, CEO of Innivee Strategies and a former association executive. He’ll discuss how leaders can handle leadership development internally at his session at the 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, “Seeking the Right Leader? Start With the Right Search Process,” August 22 at 2 p.m. In advance of that session, he shared a few of his keys for getting that process moving in the right direction.

Be intentional about leadership development. Leaders don’t always naturally emerge in your organization—and if they do, they may do so as a result of unconscious bias. (More on that in a moment.) A better process starts with leaders committing to communicating with staff members about their leadership potential. 

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