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Three Ways to Transform Managers into Coaches

We must find new ways to harness creativity among existing staff

In his timely, relevant book, “A New Way To Think,” author, consultant and former Rotman School of Management Dean Roger Martin offers: “It’s extremely difficult — and socially risky — to question an established model that many people believe and to start building a new model from scratch.”

With the intent of stepping on that “socially risky” tripwire, it’s time to replace the tired, outdated model we have for identifying, developing and tasking managers. Given the complexity of our environment today and the myriad existential issues facing organizations, industries and even humanity, we need to find new ways to harness the creative and productive power of inspired people, not send them running out the door or leave them idling in place. It’s time to replace the manager model.

Why it’s time to update the manager model

From the consistently disheartening data on employee engagement cited by Gallup to everything about what has talent streaming for the doors, we have a flawed system of identifying, equipping, guiding and supporting the people we’re asking to manage.

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