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Five Areas to Maintain Accountability in DE&I Progress

Focus on these key items to actually make change in your company

Many companies committed to boosting their diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and actions in the wake of the George Floyd murder. Two years later, results fall far short of what we all wanted to happen. In our latest global survey of 2,000 business leaders, 90 percent indicate that they have a DEI strategy--which is a solid start--but only one-third say actual progress is being made.

Not only is DEI the right thing to do, but evidence mounts that it is a driver of organizational agility--which is necessary now more than ever given rapidly changing economic conditions. The Executive Survey survey found the top three reasons to implement a DE&I strategy were to reflect company values (36 percent), boost innovation (35 percent) and boost adaptability (34 percent).

So, what's not happening to get companies where they clearly want to go? I suspect it is a lack of accountability for progress. That has long been the case with DE&I strategies that are too often pigeonholed into HR departments or newly created DE&I ones.

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