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How to Keep Your Team Focused on What Matters Most

It’s takeaway time for most organizations

If there’s one topic I hear about all the time from the leaders with whom I work, it’s the challenge of keeping themselves and their teams focused on what matters most. The long and ever-changing list of things competing for their time and attention can cause a sense of swirl and churn that leaves everyone frustrated and exhausted.

A few months ago, I was facilitating a senior leadership team meeting where the focus challenge came up again and, after listening for a while, I drew this grid on the flip chart and asked, “What if you tried this?”

My suggestion was to use the grid as a template for a monthly meeting where they take a near-term look at the highest and best uses of their time and attention against the goals they’re trying to accomplish. The point of the discussion is to pull the lens back and get clear on what they and their teams need to start, stop, and continue doing over the next 30, 60 and 90 days. The other key question is where do one or more of them need to intervene in the broader organization to start something that would help, stop something that’s not helping, or make sure something important continues?

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