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Rising Rents Add to College Students’ Scramble for Affordable Housing

Finding a place to live is getting harder each day

The end of summer is always stressful for Jordan Hubbard, as he tries to find a place to live for the upcoming semester. This year is even worse: Military benefits that helped him pay for tuition and housing at New York University ended this spring. He needs the money he’s earning from two jobs this summer, as well as a stipend for his role in student government, to pay for classes.

He knows some people whose parents can help them rent places in the neighborhoods near their NYU classes, but he knows many low-income students are crowding into apartments a long subway ride away from campus. “All I see on my Instagram feed is … ‘Who’s subletting? Who’s looking for roommates?’” he said.

It’s scary, Hubbard said, shortly before the start of his senior year. “I have no way to pay for any kind of housing.”

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