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Lessons in Listening From the International End of Life Doula Association

Forming meaningful connections with members

Part of the job of being an end-of-life doula—a person who helps someone who is dying navigate the final stages of life, and who offers support to clients’ loved ones—is listening. So it’s no surprise that the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) is applying that same open ear to its members.

“You don’t have an association if you don’t listen to members,” said INELDA CEO Douglas Simpson. “The only way to engage those members and bring more in is to listen and act upon it.”

One result of INELDA putting its ear to the ground is Care Partners, a class devoted to helping those who want to support loved ones who are dying (as opposed to INELDA’s doula training course). It’s just one of the outcomes of INELDA’s approach to listening, which includes focus groups, surveys, and observation. Consider these lessons from INELDA to help your own association apply its best listening skills to better serve members.

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