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Four Ways to Communicate with More Empathy

Today, empathic communications are more desirable and necessary

Most business consultants — and certainly most workers — agree that empathy is a critical leadership skill. We even sometimes reimagine “CEO” as “Chief Empathy Officer.” There’s no question that the ability to step into another’s shoes and understand their situation and challenges is a powerful trait that builds trust and faith.

The pandemic and other stressful events over the past few years have only made empathic communications even more desirable and necessary, especially as those expressions have become more virtual — including videos, social media posts, and emails.

As Paul Tufano, CEO of AmeriHealth Caritas, explains in a July 2020 McKinsey & Company article, “This has been a sustained period of uncertainty and fear, but also a great opportunity to forge a stronger, more cohesive, and more motivated workforce. If CEOs can step into a ministerial role — extending hands virtually, truly listening, relating to and connecting with people where they are — there is enormous potential to inspire people and strengthen bonds and loyalties within the company.”

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