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The Soft Return, and Other Slack and Zoom Hacks You Need

These software shortcuts will make your workday more productive

If you're a desk worker, you’re likely two and a half years into WFH at least some of the time or most of the time. Your remote office setup is dialed in: You’ve got your preferred desk chair, your widescreen monitor, your janky little ring light for video calls. No way you’re slacking off; you’re firing off Slacks nonstop, and Zoomin’ like the meeting monster you are.

As long as we're living our lives through screens, we might as well make "work software" work for us. This is the part where I tell you about a few work hacks simply because I just learned about them, and I’m now convinced that you must implement them, too. They’re all software-based, small and incremental—nothing as glorious as a proper Away message. But they'll help streamline your work life nonetheless.

You'll thank me. Your coworkers will thank me. And these tips apply whether you're still working from home or have confounding ideas on why people should head back to the office.

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