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Use Email Mapping to Get Extra Mileage out of Your Email Lists

This can help you reach members while they're web browsing

Email marketing is a go-to outreach strategy for association marketers, especially those seeking to build relationships with members and sponsors. But with average email open rates trending downward—with current estimates at 21.3 percent across all industries—many are looking to squeeze additional value out of their hard-earned email lists.

One way to put your lists to good use is through email mapping campaigns, also called CRM retargeting campaigns. These campaigns allow you to show display ads to individuals on an email list—even if they’ve never visited your website.

It sounds like magic, but the technology is straightforward once you break it down. You may already know that every device connected to the internet is assigned a sequence of numbers known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. These addresses are used to identify devices and help them communicate with each other over the web.

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