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Association Salary Budgets Up in 2022

This is true for some

It's been a rocky couple of years for the financial bottom line. The COVID pandemic disrupted both dues and nondues revenue for associations, and rising inflation has made everything more expensive for workers as many organizations, navigating financial uncertainty, were hesitant to increase salaries or add staff.

But new data in ASAE's 2022 Compensation and Benefits Study indicate that organizations are ready to put more money toward staffing costs. Whether it's due to hiring additional staff in light of financial recovery or growth opportunities, concern about "the Great Resignation," or some combination of both, associations are increasing their salary budgets.

Those additional resources will likely be very welcome among staff. Respondents also did not report big salary changes from 2020 for several of the most common association staff roles, including the chief executive officer. Here's a closer look at those takeaways and others.

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