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Futurist: Now's the Time to Board the Metaverse Train

The metaverse is an undefined amalgam of technologies and concepts

For the past 40 years, chief information officers (CIOs) have labored to retro-fit, re-architect and, ultimately, replace under-funded and under-appreciated legacy infrastructures in hopes of delivering the full benefits associated with periodically occurring waves of transformative emerging technologies.

Debate now rages in IT and digital communities regarding what will be theseismic technological shift of the 2020s. Some argue the metaverse will be the next dominant computing platform. Despite lukewarm user demand for metaverse capabilities to date, the time is right for enterprises to be conducting experiments and prototypes in this potentially disruptive space.

Right now, the metaverse is essentially an undefined amalgam of technologies and concepts including but not limited to augmented reality (AR), avatars, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, extended reality (ER), mixed reality (MR), NFTs (non-fungible tokens), virtual reality (VR) and Web3.

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