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Global Population Skews Male

Yet, the UN projects parity between sexes by 2050

Globally, the number of males has exceeded the number of females since the mid-1960s. But by 2050, the worldwide sex ratio is expected to even out, according to recently released population projections from the United Nations (UN).

As of 2021, there were about 44 million more males than females in the global population. But that difference is expected to disappear as a result of several different demographic trends.

In the coming decades, the world population is expected to age due to a combination of declining fertility (a smaller share of the world’s population will be young) and people living longer (a larger share of the world’s population will be old). Between 1950 and 2021, the median global age rose from 22 to 30. By 2050, the UN projects the median global age will surpass 35.

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