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First Steps for Going Global

Uncertainty has also created opportunities

This can be a tough time to have a conversation about taking your association global. Many associations are only just now regaining their footing in terms of serving their domestic members. COVID-19 remains a threat. So does inflation. Conflicts in the Middle East and eastern Europe drag on. 

But that uncertainty has also created opportunities—more adults pursuing degrees, credentials, and other education, along with a growing eagerness to connect in person after a couple of years of remote and hybrid meetings.

Going global is a notoriously tricky business. But Francisco Gomez, CEO of the consultancy Factum Global, suggested that it can be done well today—so long as leaders spend some time interrogating their assumptions. “Associations can think, ‘There’s a lot of interest in country A, therefore we should be there,’” he said. “That’s not necessarily true.”

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