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Cultivating Empathy in the Workplace

The do's and don'ts of feelings

With all the turmoil going on in the world, workers are looking for a little empathy when working. However, according to the 2022 State of Workplace Empathy Study conducted by Businessolver, employees believe their workplaces are less empathetic than last year.

While the dip in empathy is small overall—just 3 percentage points—it’s showing some significant concerns among certain groups of workers.

“What’s leading the employee perception that workplace empathy is on the decline is that it is—at least in the ways that employees are asking to see it, particularly regarding flexible work, mental health support, and financial wellness,” said Jon Shanahan, CEO of Businessolver. “This shift in employee needs is largely being driven by gen Z. Far less than half (39 percent) of gen Z employees perceive CEOs as empathetic; this represents chief executives’ lowest rating among any generation and a sharp (18 point) decline from last year.”

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