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The Practical Impacts of Brexit on Meetings

What Brexit's impact on VAT regulations means for event professionals

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU, the Single Market and the Customs Union have consequences that impact the meetings industry with its movements of goods and peoples. Brexit, indeed, has affected UK residents going to the EU and EU residents going to UK equally. Let’s review the main changes that have had an effect on businesses and participants involved in business events.

Concerning VAT refund requests:

For UK businesses going to the EU. If a UK company has had expenses in EU countries subject to local VAT and want to ask for refund, the process has changed. It now falls under the 13th VAT Directive for the Non-EU Businesses. UK businesses cannot ask for refunds through their own administration website any longer. They now have to send their VAT Refund Requests to each EU administration where their expenses happened.

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