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The ROI of Association Mentoring Programs

They prove beneficial to organizations

When it comes to association mentoring programs, one size does not fit all.

Members of ASAE’s Marketing Professionals Advisory Council’s mentoring subcommittee interviewed seven association leaders about their mentoring programs. Interviewees came from different industries, worked on both new and well-established mentoring efforts and had programs that served 30 to several hundred participants in each cycle. Most programs ranged from six to 12 months in length, but one took a one-and-done approach matching mentors and mentees for a single 30- to 60-minute session. All agreed that challenges aside, the effort is worth it.

“We are trying to make the industry better,” said Katie Greatti, associate director of learning and development for the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Talent Inclusion Mentoring Education (TIME) program. “We want to create something that lasts in our members lives, and that impacts and changes them.”

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