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Good Intentions Pave The Road To Change

Techniques that play a critical role in creating positive societal transformation

COVID-19 forced the meetings industry to hit pause and reevaluate the impact large gatherings have on the planet and the positive change they can instead create, both environmentally and socially.

The message is loud and clear to (most) associations, destinations and event planners, but good intentions are not enough to make a difference. There is a gap both to the extent of awareness all stakeholders have and to the appropriate course of action needed to move from mere intent to visible results.

“If you work on your DEI, you’re also working on climate changes; I believe the two are completely interlinked. I’ve recently seen there’s a real wish and want to do more on the matter, but there’s maybe a lack of understanding on how to go about it,” said Rory Archibald, founder of New Intent. “Which is why I felt the time is right to launch a new organization to advocate on the importance of such topics and make their presence more profound during an event.”

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