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Why Leaders Should Take a Close Look at Sponsorships

As meetings have evolved so have sponsors' needs

Meetings have evolved quite a bit in the past three years. The pandemic is a big reason for that, of course: Associations have moved their meetings online, tinkered with formats, welcomed new audiences and rethought their tradeshows.

That’s why it was a good time for Associations Now to assemble its new Deep Dive package around the new meetings landscape, from security to DE&I to pricing and more. All are relevant to association leaders, not just the head of the meetings department. But I think it’s particularly of interest to take a look at what’s happening around sponsorships, because that has real implications for both an association’s bottom line and overall credibility.

As I point out in my Deep Dive piece on sponsorships, thought leadership has become an increasingly appealing option for sponsors and associations alike. Companies get prime spots at keynotes, dedicated sessions, and other content formats; a target audience of likely consumers; and opportunities to deliver their insights well beyond the time range of the meeting proper. The association gets a revenue stream and an authoritative source of expertise and content for its members. 

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