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How Radical Trust Creates Long-term Resilience

Sometimes, trust must be discovered in unconditional ways

For three years, Réjane Woodroffe lived a life of extreme opposites. On a weekly basis, she undertook the 12-hour commute between Cape Town and an isolated community on South Africa’s southeast “Wild Coast.”

The worlds could not have been further apart. In Cape Town, there was a modern apartment, a car and a job in high-end finance. In her mud-brick home in the village, there was no running water, electricity or roads. Her neighbors and later her colleagues were largely illiterate.

Réjane’s unlikely journey begins from her childhood. She grew up in what was classified a “colored township” in Cape Town during the height of the anti-apartheid struggle. By the time she’d reached university and South Africa had attained democracy, there was a sense among many activists that the struggle was over. Ten years later, it became clear that there was still much to do to achieve the country for which had been fought.

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