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How to Overcome Feeling 'Stuck' in Your Current Role

Here are some other steps to consider

It’s easy to get into work routine and then feel like you’re in a rut. To keep challenging yourself, focus on learning new skills and gaining knowledge that will position you for your next step.

Q: I’m feeling stuck in my current job. We’re still getting comfortable in our new work routines, but I want to be learning and growing and not just keeping up with my skill sets. My manager says I need to be patient until things settle down, but I don’t want to wait or leave the organization to be challenged. What can I do?

A: First, I hope you have expressed your concerns to your manager in the same way you’ve outlined them here. Your manager needs to know how serious you are about your future. How she deals with your concerns is something you or I can’t predict or control, but she deserves to know the full extent of your frustration. In addition to speaking to your manager, here are some other steps to consider.

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