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The executive burnover

In this first part of a two-article series, special Boardroom contributor Ole Petter Anfinsen, Vice President of EDBAC and DBA Research Associate at Henley Business School, UK, explains what overwhelming stress and pressure can lead to and how it represents an increasing risk in these unprecedented times.

As we’re trying to recover from the ashes left by the recent pandemic, faced with a high level of discontinuity and economic and political uncertainty, we are continuously taking some major health risks – not just for our organizations but also for ourselves. Every day we have to make crucial choices which have massive implications on health and wellbeing – some of which may bring us to the edge. 

There are reasons why we are getting ill, and it all depends on circumstances of course. But looking at the senior executive role some of us lead and the complexity that sometimes comes with working in associations, one sees stress levels and pressure rapidly increasing as we manoeuvre the aftermath of COVID-19.

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