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Three Ways a Company Can Provide Flexibility While Increasing Productivity

Giving employees get a three-day weekend every month

Between quiet quitting and the ongoing struggle to attract and retain talent across many industries, burnout is as bad as ever. According to Indeed, 67 percent of all workers believe burnout has worsened over the last two years. As a working parent, I felt the impact too. The blurred lines between work and home life mean I feel the pull of multiple priorities at all hours of the day, from my team to my family.

Engaging and retaining employees has become increasingly important amidst the changing world of work and a challenging economic backdrop. Yet, the current reality has made the already tall task of keeping employees engaged even more daunting. What engaged employees at one point in time now might cause frustration. For example, virtual happy hours were common until research revealed this tactic was backfiring.

Google's laundry service and Meta’s breakfast buffets were once the prized perks of the working world. Now, what employees want goes beyond cold-pressed green juice. People expect a company that prioritizes the employee as a whole person, from their well-being to their personal values.

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