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Michigan Warns of Produce Possibly Contaminated with Human Waste

This affects food sold in more than 10 counties

Michigan officials are urging residents to discard vegetables grown at a farm in the village of Homer, saying the produce sold by grocers in more than a dozen towns across the state is potentially tainted with human waste. 

A routine safety inspection found Kuntry Gardens was using "raw, untreated human waste on the fields where produce was grown for sale to local grocery stores and direct sale," the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) said Monday in an advisory to consumers.

The use of human waste to grow crops meant to be eaten by people is illegal and unsafe, according to the agency. If not professionally treated, human waste and other body fluids can spread dangerous diseases such as hepatitis A, clostridium difficile, e-coli, rotavirus and norovirus, MDARD added.

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