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How Bird-watching May Improve Your Child's Memory

Research shows expertise in any topic might help people retain more information

When Danielle Belleny discovered the flute in middle school, she was hooked. “I absolutely fell in love with learning those études as a high schooler,” said Belleny of the work of classical composer Sigfrid Karg-Elert.

As an adult, the Texas-based wildlife biologist prides herself on her ability to recognize birdsong. And a new study is showing that her childhood expertise in human music might have made her ability to become a bird-watching expert much easier.

recent study found that the brain skills that expert bird-watchers use—like attention to certain types of features or markings—help them retain similar but new information (like quickly learning about a bird they haven’t seen before). But researchers think that those same skills might help bird-watchers learn brand new things, like being able to distinguish types of dinosaurs or cars.

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