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Coworking is Making a Comeback

Between those who want to return and those who don't, coworking is a great option

After more than 20 years in a traditional office space, Miriam Dushane decided it was time for a change of scenery. In February, Dushane, managing partner of Alaant Workforce Solutions, moved her Albany, New York-based recruiting company of 20 people to a coworking space that opened up just down the hall.

Like many companies, Alaant shifted to remote work when the pandemic hit. The team enjoyed the productivity and flexibility, but after almost two years apart, Dushane says she sensed a longing for some in-person collaboration and face-to-face contact. Employees began returning to the office at least once per week, but it seemed a waste to pay for a large space.

So Alaant donated almost everything from its old office—besides the laptop computers—and moved into a suite at Hone Coworks. Paper, coffee, water and snacks are provided by the space. With 11 desks, Alaant's suite is smaller than its old office, but it offers more shared coworking space and conference rooms. "Frankly, it's probably one of the best decisions we ever made," Dushane said.

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