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Today’s Threat Landscape

What associations need to know

The online security and privacy space is complex, nuanced and always evolving. But there's an unwavering truth that executives should always remember: It only takes one.

Make one cybersecurity mistake, and adversaries could take control of your network. Receive one privacy complaint, and the authorities may come knocking. Fail to educate one employee on the dangers of phishing emails, and malicious software could make its way into your IT environment.

Putting risks like these into perspective is extremely important considering the devastating impacts of today’s cyberattacks. Currently, the average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $9.4 million—more than double the global average of $4.4 million. These costs stem from several sources, including mitigation efforts, reputational damage, legal counsel, fines, customer turnover and reduced productivity.

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