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Specifics Entice Compatible Workers, Recruiter Says

Avoid these red flags in your job postings

Recruiters and HR leaders are in overdrive to get as many new applicants through the door. But they could be stunting their efforts at step one: their job postings

LinkedIn found that applicants spend just 14 seconds reading through a job post before deciding to apply, so the words and phrases you include have a big impact. Yet vague language, not including compensation data and glossing over position-specific details can be red flags for prospective employees.

"A job description is perhaps one of the most critical aspects for engaging talent during the hiring process," said Caitlyn Metteer, director of recruitment at Lever, a talent acquisition platform. "More often than not, job postings include a cookie cutter, run-of-the-mill description of what the job entails. When this is the case, the job seeker is likely to pass over the posting and move on with their search." 

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