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Move Over Quiet Quitting

Quick quitting is the next workplace trend

Sorry, bosses, I have bad news for you. Thanks to the incredibly tight labor market, you've had to struggle through the Great Resignation and, more recently, Quiet Quitting. But according to new LinkedIn data, you're soon going to have another headache to deal with. The professional network calls the latest trend "quick quitting," and it's just what it sounds like. 

Workers are quicker to call it quits 

"It seems like U.S. workers are more comfortable with outright leaving their jobs quickly. The short tenure rate, or STR, which measures the fraction of positions that end after being held for less than a year, has increased across industries over the past couple of years," the site recently reported

The rate at which employees quit within a year of starting a new job has been rising since August 2021, with the phenomenon peaking in March and continuing steadily since then, according to LinkedIn. While industries that traditionally feature shorter tenures, like the arts and recreation, are seeing the most quick quitting, the phenomenon isn't limited to seasonal or ad hoc workers.  

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