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Why Communications Is Key to a Successful Membership Restructuring

Helping members embrace change

When the International Association of Movers reconfigured its membership structure to help combat inflation, a crucial part of members accepting it was the communications strategy. Using member advocates, webinars, and tailored outreach, IAM successfully helped members embrace the new membership paradigm.

Figuring how best to restructure our membership categories and pricing model was a huge undertaking for the International Association of Movers, but that was only half the battle. The other half was effectively communicating the new structure to members, so they embraced the changes rather than drop their membership. Here’s a deeper look at that strategy, which included using member committees and staff to spread the word, creating an online questionnaire that made change easier, and segmenting marketing efforts for different audiences.

Get the Word Out
IAM used its volunteer membership restructuring committee to help explain the new structure to the general membership. The committee charted its progress via LinkedIn posts. These posts showed that members of the committee had a significant role in driving the project, as well as in creating and approving the final recommendation that was then presented to the IAM Executive Committee for approval.

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