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Managing Employee Expectations in Today's Workplace

Leading with empathy and trust

Employees have new expectations for their managers and their organizations. By listening and leading with empathy and trust, managers can show their staff they support and respect them.

Q: With all the changes in how and where we work now, I’m having trouble managing employee expectations. Do you have any suggestions to share to help me meet our business objectives while dealing with what my staff expects from me and our organization?

A: Let’s just acknowledge that being a manager in our current world is challenging. You’ve raised something that many of us are dealing with daily—how to maximize productivity while working in unchartered territory. Please know you aren’t alone and that we’re all learning on the fly. And kudos to you for acknowledging that your employees have new expectations.

To start, I’d work on your listening skills. You will miss what is important to your staff if you make assumptions about what you think they expect. Odds are, if you aren’t listening carefully, you will not get it right, so take the time to listen well and often.

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