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Developing Content that Addresses Your Audience’s Needs

Avoid making assumptions to create top-notch content

As an association marketer, keeping a finger on the pulse of your industry is essentially a job requirement —and likely one you’re pretty good at. But while it’s OK to use background knowledge to brainstorm content ideas internally, you shouldn’t assume you know everything.

Instead, shake off preconceptions by putting yourself in your members’ shoes. Figure out where they are: Are members active in your online community? Are they present on social media? Are they part of a particular group, and do they follow specific people? What blog posts and web pages do they visit on your site?

Once you have determined where members congregate, listen carefully to their conversations. You may see a lot of engagement with a blog post or thread on social media, indicating you could produce additional content on that subject. Or, if several people in your online community ask the same question, you could interview the members who are responding to that question to provide an in-depth exploration of the topic.

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