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Real-life ‘White Lotus’

Hospitality staff share guests’ wildest demands

Maybe it's schadenfreude. Maybe it's envy. Maybe it's the ever-widening wealth gap. Or maybe “The White Lotus” is just a really good show that satirizes the egos and excesses of the wealthy traveling class. Whatever the reason for the success of the HBO series, we can't wait to gobble up the second season, which premieres Oct. 30, like free bags of pretzels in economy class.

And it’s not just prestige TV skewering the idle rich. “Triangle of Sadness,” a movie that upends the power dynamic (and stomachs) of the customers aboard a private yacht cruise, won this year’s Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Propelled by the interplay of demanding charter guests and tip-dependent crews of “yachties,” Bravo reality show “Below Deck” has spawned four spinoffs. “The Menu,” which gets a national release in theaters Nov. 18, has an ominous trailer that suggests a bloody end for guests at an exclusive restaurant on a remote island.

As we prepare for more depictions of cringeworthy behavior, travelers in the back of the plane are probably wondering: How real is this sense of entitlement? Do the elite really make such outrageous demands?

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