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Why a Better Board Culture Matters

A new report highlights the importance of a cohesive board culture

Association boards had to learn to act quickly at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. And though the pandemic isn't all-consuming as it was in the spring of 2020, the sense of urgency hasn't gone away.

That's one main takeaway from The Future of the American Board, a report released earlier this month by the National Association of Corporate Directors. It opens by noting how boards now have to address a variety of headwinds, all of which needed to be handled yesterday: global tensions, climate change, inequality, political polarization, the supply chain, inflation, workforce changes, new technology, cybersecurity. And on and on.

Though the report is targeted toward corporate leaders, associations aren’t immune to these global forces, and they have just as much reason to step up their game. Throughout the pandemic, there were numerous reports showing that association boards were meeting more but not necessarily being more productive. The NACD report offers some guidance on how boards can make their work more meaningful and sustainable.

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