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Working Whenever, Wherever is Making Americans More Productive

Workers with full schedule flexibility report 29 percent higher productivity

Findings from the Future Forum Pulse show that executives’ sentiment and experience scores have dropped to record lows as leaders struggle to navigate shifting work models. Over the past year:

  • Executive scores for overall satisfaction have dropped 15 percent.
  • Executives now report 20 percent worse work-life balance and 40 percent more work-related stress and anxiety.
  • Burnout rose to 40 percent this quarter globally—an 8 percent rise from May—with the most significant increase in the U.S., where 43 percent of desk workers report feeling burned out.

Workers who have full schedule flexibility are reporting 29 percent higher productivity and 53 percent greater ability to focus than workers with no ability to shift their schedule. Meanwhile, remote and hybrid workers are more likely to feel connected to their direct manager and their company’s values and equally or more likely to feel connected to their immediate teams as fully in-office workers are.

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