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When Building Your Board, Consider Collective Competency

Boards have the challenge of encompassing perspectives of the population

Boards established to lead and sustain nonprofits oversee and advise on a wide range of categories, such as management, fundraising, human resources, technology and accounting. If board members were to consider the wide variety of functional areas under their purview, they easily could find the thought overwhelming.

Yet, too often in the process of recruiting board members, associations do not give enough weight to the goal of what I call "collective competency."

Already so many perspectives need consideration during the search for board members. Each person's background can add so much to the whole. Sometimes, boards need to represent a particular community, so the appropriate focus is on representing as many segments of that subset of society as possible. Other times, boards have the challenge of encompassing perspectives of the population of a whole country or the world. Thankfully, associations today recognize and prioritize that aspect of putting together a group set up for success in addressing the opportunities and challenges for the organization.

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