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Business Travel Slowly Returning to Pre-COVID Levels Despite Economic Concerns

Optimism reigns supreme within the travel industry going into 2023

The economy may face challenges bouncing back, and that could put a damper on things in 2023—but hey, at least that damper isn’t coming from COVID-19.

And that, according to a recent study from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), is good news. The report found that while the state of the economy continued to raise points of concern for travel bookers, it was not something that would necessarily stop them from setting up a business trip, unlike with COVID.

Business travel is slowly but surely bouncing back to levels seen in 2019, according to the study of nearly 600 business travel buyers. Per the survey, domestic business travel is, on average, at 63 percent of pre-pandemic totals, while international travel is at 50 percent at where it was before lockdowns severely hampered the travel landscape.

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