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Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!

An excerpt from Pathways to Action

How can we tackle the problem of accelerating change? Pathways to Action: How Keystone Organizations Can Lead the Fight for Climate Change is organized around three fundamental principles. The first is we are moving too slowly on climate change: public and private sector actions are not aligned with the scale and urgency of the challenge, and we are likely to miss the global targets for 2030 and 2050. The second is that “keystone organizations”—market leaders that define a competitive space and are capable of excellence—sit atop greater opportunity than others, and must become drivers of change.

Nothing will change an industry faster than a market leader finding competitive advantage in sustainable behavior. The third is that there are four pathways to action that are proven to work in accelerating the pace of change. Each can produce results. Any two of these pathways in combination adds leverage, but when all four are working together in common purpose, we can see and feel the impact of accelerating change. The connecting thread is leadership behavior.

The book does not discount new technology innovation, the value of broad-based advocacy, or the challenges of legacy transitions, but rather advocates for a set of organizational behavior principles, when rigorously applied and adapted to each business context, can help organizations reduce risk, find opportunity—and above all—move faster.—Peter McAteer

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