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Voting Rights Advocates Report a Mostly Smooth Start to Election Day Voting Across the U.S.

This year has experienced higher early voting levels

Today, Americans headed to the polls for an election that has state and local officials across the country on edge as they brace for potential problems at voting places, contentious legal fights over ballots and disinformation about the vote itself.

More than 45 million pre-election ballots were cast in 47 states, and officials are expecting high turnout on Election Day, too, for the congressional, state and gubernatorial contests that will determine control of Congress and state legislative chambers.

The vast majority of the tens of millions who will cast ballots on Tuesday will do so without issue, in an election where early voting has been ahead of 2018 levels. And the vast majority of voting issues will be decidedly minor and small scale, such as long lines, bad weather or tech glitches.

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